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How to fix Python was not installed as a framework on Mac OSX with Matplotlib in virtualenv

Do you use Mac OS as your development environment? Do you use python for your day to day work? Do you do machine learning or data presentation and Matplotlib is in your tool belt? Any of us worked with Matplotlib in a virtualenv in Mac OS, probably faced this following error:

Restoring A Trained TensorFlow Model And Predict Using That

So you have trained your first machine learning model using Tensorflow. Now you want to use your model to do prediction of independent data but you don’t know how to do it? The tutorial you were following online ends with lots of evaluation and validation scores and graphs but does not give any hint about […]

Use timeseries data for predicting weather using Tensorflow

Weather forecast in Germany This notebook implements a deep learning network to work on time series data. This is an adoptation of my another notebook where I implemented a RNN to predict weather forecast in Wiesbaden, Germany. Here I used the same data, just the network is a deep learning network instead of RNN. The […]

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