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How to Open Byte Image using Keras

import gunicorn from urllib.parse import unquote_plus import json import cgi import sys import traceback from backdoria import predict_backdoria_web from femgen import predict_femgen_web from penialized import predict_penialized_web from genyolo import predict_genyolo_web import numpy as np from PIL import Image import io from timeit import default_timer as timer predict_backdoria_web.load_model() predict_femgen_web.load_model() predict_penialized_web.load_model() predict_genyolo_web.load_model() def app(environ, start_response): try: request_size […]

Use timeseries data for predicting weather

Weather forecast in Germany This notebook was adopted from Hvass-Labs’s timeseries tutorial. In this notebook, we will try to predict weather for near future. For testing, I am going to use weather data collected for the city Wiesbaden, as I live here now. The data is collected from Climate Data Center (CDC) of Deutscher Wetterdienst. […]

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