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Processing and Showing Images in Jupyter Notebook

This jupyter notebook shows how to process and showing images. First, load all the necessary modules for image processing. import numpy as np import os import six.moves.urllib as urllib from PIL import Image import cv2 import matplotlib.pyplot as plt %matplotlib inline Here, we define the directories from where the images are loaded. ROOT_DIR = ‘/Users/sparrow/Learning/machine-learning/the-eye’ […]

How to Open Byte Image using Keras

import gunicorn from urllib.parse import unquote_plus import json import cgi import sys import traceback from backdoria import predict_backdoria_web from femgen import predict_femgen_web from penialized import predict_penialized_web from genyolo import predict_genyolo_web import numpy as np from PIL import Image import io from timeit import default_timer as timer predict_backdoria_web.load_model() predict_femgen_web.load_model() predict_penialized_web.load_model() predict_genyolo_web.load_model() def app(environ, start_response): try: request_size […]

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