Use timeseries data for predicting weather

Weather forecast in Germany This notebook was adopted from Hvass-Labs’s timeseries tutorial. In this notebook, we will try to predict weather for near future. For testing, I am going to use weather data collected for the city Wiesbaden, as I live here now. The data is collected from Climate Data Center (CDC) of Deutscher Wetterdienst. […]

Use timeseries data for predicting weather using Tensorflow

Weather forecast in Germany This notebook implements a deep learning network to work on time series data. This is an adoptation of my another notebook where I implemented a RNN to predict weather forecast in Wiesbaden, Germany. Here I used the same data, just the network is a deep learning network instead of RNN. The […]

Training a object detection model on Fashion-MNIST

For more details about the dataset: This notebook was adopted from: IMPORTANT: First download the dataset from here and put them in the data/fashion directory. Otherwise, tensorflow will download the traditional handwritten digit mnist dataset. from tensorflow.examples.tutorials.mnist import input_data mnist = input_data.read_data_sets(‘data/fashion’, one_hot=True) import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import numpy as np import […]

How to enable search in a Pelican blog

To enable searching in a Pelican powered blog, install the tipue_search plugin. The plugin can be downloaded from here. Create a folder called plugins in the project root folder and put the downloaded tipue_search folder inside this plugins folder. After that, update the Pelican configuration file and add the following lines: PLUGIN_PATHS = [‘plugins’] […]

Docker volumes demystified

What is docker volume? Docker containers stored all the data inside the container on a writable layer. So, all data written by the container during its funcition will be gone if the container is deleted. Also, if we want those data being shared among multiple containers, it won’t be possible either. To overcome this problems, […]

Deploy a full-fledged Flask app using Docker in Google App Engine

Today we are going to deploy a Flask web app on Google App Engine using Docker container. We will implement a full fledged flask app, not just a single python script app saying ‘Hello World’, using MySQL database, Google Cloud Datastore and will deploy it on Google Cloud Platform using Docker container. We will try […]

Introduction to MongoDB

Status: draft Adding Unique Index Lets say you have a database called my_db and you have a collection in my_db called users which has typical user related fields like first_name, last_name, email, user_id, etc. Now, you want to set unique index on user_id and email field separately. We can do it from terminal using mongoDB […]

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