Product Update: Your Movie Expert Chat Buddy


Being a movie freak, I always wanted to have a buddy with whom I can talk about movies or ask question if certain part of any movie is not clear to me. Failing to get a real life movie friend, I decided to develop a chatbot and train it with generic amount of movie info so that it can talk to me. Here it goes. Today I am presenting you my very own Cinemated Chatbot.

Besides some general greetings, this chatbot is specialised to speak about movies. I have used stackexchange's movie dataset to train the chatbot. I have used deeppavlov conversational AI framework for the training and building the AI model.

The chatbot is deployed as a telegram chatbot using gunicorn and supervisor manager. Do you love movies or just wanna talk about movies? Talk to Cinemated chatbot right here. It never sleeps 🙂

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